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7 Reasons
Why Every Home Should Have a Plug-in PEST FREE
Effectively repels rats, mice and cockroaches
Chemical & toxic free technology
Environmentally friendly and family safe
No smell, no mess, no dead pests to dispose of
Consumer proven since 1995
Scientifically tested by a leading Australian
Approved by the Australian, New South Wales Office of Energy and Australian & International HACCP
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Do you ...
Want to get rid of rats and cockroaches from your home?
Want to avoid using chemicals and pesticides in your home?
Want to be environmentally friendly?
  Just Plug In Pest Free, the Australian Chemical Pest Free Pest Control Device


Here is what some customers have to say...
"There are no more noise from the rats coming from my ceiling. As for the cockroaches I have not encontered any since installing Pest Free product in my house."
- Hj. Admi Othman
" Having installed it since 6 months ago we have not seen any cockroaches or rats in our house "
- Lt Col Harbans Singh
"Now my premises are free from this two pest. I will not hesitate to recommend to my circle of friends to use it"
- Mr. Alex Teng
"Nowadays, I hardly see any cockroaches in my room and kitchen area. With regards to the rats, I hardly hear them these days. The three units of PestFree have reduced these two pests in my quarters substantially"
- Ven K Sri Dhammaratana (Chief High Priest of Malaysia)
How does Pest Free work?

The existing electrical wiring in our homes emits a low electromagnetic field that is harmless to humans, pets as well as pests like rats and cockroaches.

However when Pest Free is plugged in, it alters the existing electromagnetic field throughout the electrical wiring in our homes. This disturbs and affects the rats and cockroaches but not humans.

The pest will lose appetite, feel dehydrated and have no mood to breed. They will be stressed up and confused. The rats and cockroaches will eventually leave our homes.

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